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Media Means Business helps small and medium businesses to create great media content and build an audience.

Times have changed; so have your customers

Advertising and marketing have also evolved but the basic ideas have been much the same for decades. The focus has often been on ‘the deal’ – What are you offering? How much does it cost?

Smarter advertising and marketing has shifted towards the customer – What can it do for them? How will it improve their life?

content marketing and social media

Consumers are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages every day. The effectiveness of many forms of traditional advertising has been reduced, while the consumption of media content has increased.

That doesn’t mean that advertising is dead. But adding media content into the mix can be a powerful and cost effective addition to your marketing.

The current trend is towards ‘content marketing’ – using media content in order to attract an audience, with the aim of them becoming your best customers.

This isn’t a new idea; media companies have been using it forever and many businesses have used the principles of content marketing to grow an audience over the years.

For small & medium businesses

The internet – and social media in particular – has made creating media and growing an audience something that can be done by small & medium business without huge resources or costs.

Once you have mastered the techniques of content planning and creation and identified your target audience, you can begin to use content marketing to attract new customers to your business, raise awareness of your brand, and deliver added value to your existing customer base.

Media Means Business CoachingHow can Media Means Business help?

You’re an expert on running your business. You know your industry, your customers and your products & services; but creating media and building an audience may seem daunting.

My expertise is media. I have been in the industry for almost 30 years, in radio, newspapers, magazines and online.

On this website and through the podcast and resources, I will help you work out how to create content that your customers love; and build the loyalty that can make your ‘audience’ your best customers.

Through my coaching services I can give you even more help.